Come to Lappeenranta to meet friendly Karelians and enjoy the city’s diverse range of services and exciting events. Lappeenranta has been called Finland’s Monaco, and in the summer, the city’s waterfront boulevard is filled with the sound of lively conversation. At the heart of the area’s history is Lappeenranta Fortress, the walls of which offer a gorgeous view of the city and Lake Saimaa. The fortress also hosts museums, cosy cafés and unique boutiques. In the summer, a group of artists from Finland and around the world build Lappeenranta’s Sandcastle at the tip of the fortress. The city centre has several shopping centres, as well as restaurants that offer delicious food. One of Europe’s greenest cities, Lappeenranta has plenty to offer for nature tourists as well.

Come and experience bright and lively Lappeenranta!

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Do you want to stay in a well-furnished hotel room in the city centre? Which speaks to you, traditional or modern cottage accommodation? How about spending the night on the waters of Lappeenranta? Lappeenranta offers accommodation that caters to almost any taste!

The city centre has many luxurious hotels that offer cosy rooms for travellers to rest in after a long day of activities. If you would rather avoid the hustle and bustle of the city, you can stay in the area’s B&Bs and farm accommodation. These include an old train station built in the late 1800s and an old farm that now specialises in wellness services. The village of Rauha, located on the shore of Lake Saimaa, has a full-service spa hotel. The Lappeenranta area also has gorgeous log cabins with saunas you can relax in and enjoy the peace of nature. If you’re looking for something more unusual, why not try the igloo rafts floating on the lake’s surface near the city? 

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Did you know?

In Lappeenranta, you may spot horses and riders dressed as dragoons.

Lappeenranta won the title of greenest city in Europe in 2021.

Vety and Atomi are meat pies that are considered a specialty of Lappeenranta.

Satamatie 6 has won the title of best café in Finland twice.

The end of Lappeenranta’s summer season is marked by the impressive Harbour Lights event.