Located in Karelia’s song country, Imatra is a wonder! The city offers travellers much to see and experience. The Vuoksi River, which flows through Imatra, is one of Finland’s national landscapes, and since the 18th century, people have come from around Europe to admire the rapids flowing through the city centre. Next to the rapids, you will find Finland’s first nature conservation area, where potholes the size of people can be found in the shade of the trees. Valtionhotelli, which hosted Russian nobility arriving from St. Petersburg in the early 1900s and has been named Finland’s most beautiful building, is also located near the rapids. In addition to culturally and historically significant attractions, Imatra also offers both action and relaxation. In the Ukonniemi area, you can enjoy exercise on the jogging paths, play various sports or pamper yourself in the warm waters of the spa.

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Imatra offers a wide variety of accommodation options. Do you want to stay at the Art Nouveau Castle in the city centre, a spa suite or a summer cottage on the shore of Lake Saimaa?

Imatra Spa Resort has luxurious accommodation options for both active tourists and those who would rather relax and treat themselves to the finer things in life. Holiday Club Saimaa is located a stone’s throw away in the village of Rauha. Valtionhotelli towers over the rapids of Imatrankoski. It is one of the most popular attractions in Imatra and continues to offer visitors accommodation within its famous walls. If you are looking for luxurious accommodation, you may find yourself falling in love with the romantic milieu of Neitsytniemi Manor, as well as its stunning view of the Vuoksi River. There are also great accommodation options for caravanners and travellers on a budget.

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Did you know?

Visitors in the 18th and 19th centuries engraved their names into the rocks by the rapids, and those names remain visible today.

Those interested in motorsports should add the Imatranajo International Road Racing Championship to their holiday bucket list.

In the winter, the SounDome igloo is built in Varpasaari, where visitors can listen to music played on instruments made of ice.

Imatra is Finland’s oldest tourist destination.

Imatra’s First Snow Ski Track is opened each October and is built using snow from the previous winter that has been kept frozen over the summer.