St. Petersburg has been thought of as the capital of Russian culture. The city on the banks of the calm Neva River is always alive with activity. Over the centuries, it has witnessed the reigns of tsars and the birth of modern technology. The city’s every stone and street corner is soaked in history.

Walk down St. Petersburg’s main street, Nevsky Prospect, and feel the pulse of the city. St. Petersburg is an extraordinary city full of grand palaces, churches and museums. It is also packed to the brim with restaurants, night clubs and culture events. Wander around the city’s beautiful parks or experience a magical river cruise surrounded by the city lights.

Experience the extraordinary and unique St. Petersburg!

Did you know?

The oldest botanical garden in Russia is located on Aptekarsky Island.

Experience St. Petersburg’s famous ballet performances.

The circus is an excellent destination for the whole family.

Experience St. Petersburg’s bright nights.

St. Petersburg’s metro is the world’s deepest metro system.