The Leningrad region is known for its beauty. The region’s captivating nature, charming villages and historic towns are an irresistible draw for any travellers interested in Russian culture. If you are interested in history and culture, you should consider travelling to the Leningrad region for its many fascinating attractions, which include UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

The Leningrad region is a large geographical area surrounding St. Petersburg that contains more than 5,200 attractions and historical sites. The region has many unique towns, each of which is alive with history and rich with new experiences. Travelers visiting the area get to enjoy the local people’s famous hospitality.

Visit the Leningrad region and feel real Russian culture in your heart!

Did you know?

Vyborg is located only 30 km from the Finnish border.

The Karelian Isthmus is known for its natural beauty.

The coastlines of Vyborg and Primorsk are favourites among people who like to fish.

Remember to download your maps in advance, as connectivity in the area can be spotty.

Most local websites are in Russian.

Re-enactments of events from the Early Middle Ages are held at the fortress of Staraya Ladoga.

Experience the local folk culture!

There are many ski resorts for winter sports enthusiasts.